Worldcub Returns with Hypnotic New Album 'Back to the Beginning'

Worldcub has made a triumphant return with their latest album, ‘Back to the Beginning,’ released on May 17th. This North Wales-based group, led by brothers Cynyr (guitar and vocals) and Dion Hamer (drums and vocals), has once again proven their ability to craft immersive and eclectic soundscapes. The band, formerly known as CaStLeS, draws influence from the likes of 70s and 80s Paul McCartney and DIY legend William Onyeabor, creating a unique blend of surf guitar, kraut-rock grooves, and hypnotic Cymru vocal harmonies, all from their home studio nestled in the hills of Eryri.

The album’s lead single, ‘Grog,’ is a trippy, heady voyage through funky, surfy breakdowns and hypnotic melodies. The track has garnered positive praise from BBC6 Music's Deb Grant and Shindig Magazine, setting the tone for an album that invites listeners on a journey through past lives and memories. ‘Grog’ is an awesomely woozy trip, with fantastic surf guitars decorating a pulsing percussive tapestry and trippy, lilting vocals that could be straight out of the iconic Nuggets compilations.

‘Back to the Beginning’ is a carefully crafted collection of fourteen tracks, each offering sharp hooks and joyous West Coast pleasure trips alongside contemplative stop-offs. The title track rumbles through time and space, propelled by kraut-rock grooves and spacey guitar licks. Keyboards splash across the mix, while floating harmonies and intricate vocal interplay guide the listener deep into a melodic journey, wistful for both past and future.

Other standout tracks include ‘One Small Mistake,’ with its lucid melodies, bossa nova rhythms, and bouncing psych-pop sound, and the previously released single ‘Look Through the Keyhole,’ a hypnotic, West Coast-tinged surf-inspired jaunt. The album also features Welsh language tracks, such as the gleaming ‘Hel Y Hadau’ and the iridescent, fuzz-laden ‘Pwysau Yn Pwyso’ (A Pressing Matter).

Worldcub’s previous work, including their site-specific themed debut album ‘Fforesteering,’ earned them coverage from The Guardian and UNCUT Magazine, airplay on BBC Radio 6 Music, and a slot on the BBC Introducing stage at Reading & Leeds Festival. Their live shows have seen them perform at major festivals like Liverpool Sound City and BreakOut West in Canada, and they’ve shared the stage with Public Service Broadcasting at FOCUS Wales Festival.

Now, with the addition of Calvin Thomas on bass and Jasmine Roberts on guitar, Worldcub is poised to make waves in 2024 with their new catalogue of material. ‘Back to the Beginning’ is shows a band's evolving sound and a captivating journey that is not to be missed.

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