Who is Seaside Wavy?: The Odessey of Yama and Seaside By Justin Martin

Image via seasidewavy17k. Photo credits to @itz_demarco and @cashcors

Hip-hop constantly evolves, with emerging artists pushing boundaries and setting new standards. One such artist is Seaside Wavy, a rapper from South Jersey. With his dual personas, Seasidewavy and Yama, he creates a unique blend of laid-back vibes and explosive energy, and his work continues to impact the local rap scene.

Seaside Wavy describes his dual personas as the "wavy side" and the "turn-up guy." Seasidewavy embodies a chill and relaxed demeanor. Yama is about getting lit, creating turn-up music, and igniting a riot of energy. This duality creates a yin and yang effect in his music, showcasing the multifaceted talent of Seaside Wavy.

Roots and Beginnings

Hailing from Burlington in South Jersey, Seaside Wavy has journeyed across the East Coast, from DC to New York. He first dipped his toes into the music scene at 12, but at 15, he took a serious plunge into recording and refining his craft.

Seaside Wavy draws inspiration from various artists, with Future and Uno the Activist being significant influences. In the early days, Waka Flacka played a pivotal role in inspiring the energetic turn-up persona of Yama, influencing both his high-octane tracks and the wavy flows that define his style.

Unforgettable Performances

What sets Seaside Wavy apart is his ability to turn a stage into a dynamic playground of raw energy and excitement. His sets are not just performances; they are experiences that leave the audience out of their seats and jumping around. Whether you're a fan of the laid-back wavy vibes or the explosive Yama energy, Seaside Wavy's live shows are unforgettable.

Highlighting “Nightmare in Yama Wrld”

Seaside Wavy's latest project, "Nightmare in Yama Wrld," takes listeners through a beautiful nightmare featuring Seaside's best work. The album, released in late August 2023, consists of 11 songs and has a total runtime of 25 minutes. It is a testament to Seaside's artistic growth and development. My favorite track is "White Russian ft. cashcor," where Seaside delivers his signature wavy flows over hypnotic plugNB-style synth chords. The track's catchy melodies and rhythms draw the listener into a sedated trance, offering a dreamy reprieve before the next track, "Mimi!," blows out the speakers. Seaside Wavy has plans for a deluxe version of the album, inviting listeners to explore the beginning and end of the world through his music.

The rap scene is on high alert as Seaside Wavy continues to ride the waves of creativity and innovation. Keep an ear to the ground for his singles and upcoming projects as Seaside Wavy cements his place as an up-and-coming force in South Jersey and beyond. Also keep an ear out for local independent psychedelic rock band Swansun with their new album Break the Seal and independent rapper like Wiseboy Jeremy and his newest project Still Chldrn.

~Justin “JD” Martin


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