I’m not sure how I feel about this. The band compares themselves to Vampire Weekend and Phoebe Bridgers, two artists I love. Not sure I hear that at all, where as it’s not quite as Paul Simon inspired or sonically like Vampire Weekend and it lacks the feminine touch of Phoebe Bridgers vocals and perfect blend of folk and pop. It does remind me a little of The Happy Fits but more indie pop, using more modern synth tones to create the track. The production is great and for all intents and purposes it has all the elements of what makes a solid single. However I found myself a minute in asking when does this end or have some dynamic change or big chorus. It has a very 80’s feel to it and the female vocal helps but I just feel like god, could the verses be any longer and couldn’t you change up the chorus to maybe not be exactly the same? Would rather have heard something with an edge to it over the Kenny G sax solo. I am certain though I could see some Vampire Weekend fans enjoying this while they sip champagne on their yacht but that’s not really my thing.



- Sam Lowry

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