Today Steven Donahue known by the moniker Young Legs returns with a brand new video and album. Why waste anymore time, here’s what Steven had to say about the album “Songs From Lost Valley” and we present to you the video for the first single “Dialogue”.  

From Steven Donahue of Young Legs:  

Greetings, my crepuscular comrades! rest your weary, tryptophan infused heinies on the nearest moss tuffet and brace yourselves, for today I have brought a couple of gifts to our little temporal oasis.  

SONGS FROM LOST VALLEY is the name of my new album, out today on all of your preferred streaming platforms, and several more such as that weird one in Russia.

Over the past 3 years, I have been working on a record called Rare Earth Dream, and work continues, but at what I understand to be my default dreadfully slow pace. Frankly, I'm sick of that!! All the songs are written but are in a drawn-out production phase, which tends to stifle any efforts to write new music. Every couple of months, i would come up with a guitar bit or a melody, make a voice memo, and then file it away for some unknown future use. Even this became rare, as my instruments and whatnot generally stay out of sight.  
   However, as we are all woefully aware, quite a number of status quos have been upheaved this year. I have been working from home since March, and as such, decided to leave my guitar out on a stand next to my desk. picking it up between calls and noodling a bit became a wonderful way to pass the time, and over the spring and summer, I amassed quite a bounty of bits and bobs ripe for development. Some I even recorded in full!  
   Then, quite to my surprise, at the end of August I gathered them all up and wrote most of them into full songs, then immediately started recording, in an effort to recapture my devil-may-care, cut-the-brakes, don't-look-back approach to musical creation that I so enjoyed many years ago. Arranging on the fly! First take sounds great! Some songs were recorded into logic and then artificially degraded, some were recorded on my tascam tape 4-track, some are the original phone voice-memos. this album is a collage of daydreams and sketches, all-out bangers and curious contemplations. 

   The other gift I am so excited to share is that of the very first Young Legs music video! Several weeks ago I beseeched my buddies to provide some video content, and they went above and beyond. I truly hope you enjoy!!

   Keep your eyes peeled for baby kermie, the stand-out star.  Well, that's about it for now! Time to pack up the mist and head back into the normal flow of days. I would love to hear what you think of Songs from Lost Valley, so feel free to reply and share your thoughts!  
   If you think they may enjoy my new musical offering, please tell your friends, family, and kindred spirits to give it a listen! And if they are so taken - they too can join us every so often in this little clearing of time.  
   Until I see you again, keep your world close and your moments magic.

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- Sam Lowry, BMN Contributor

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