The Insatiable Disquiet: Unbidden EP

My wife is out so I’m hittin’ the sauce. And I’m glad to see another email from Shore Dive Records because they always have something interesting going on. All of a sudden I’m 22 again at QXT’s in Newark trying to pick up goth chicks and taking drugs like I’d never see 30. That’s what “Imaginary Friend”, the first track of this EP has done for me. It has brought me back in time, which is fun sometimes. “I’ll always need you there inside my head” – this is some 80s goth shit, I love it. Actual lyrics and shit. I go back to the first track. Now I skip to the third. I’m on my third glass of Pinot Noir. “Unbidden” is dark af and oh so lovely. And then “Heart Remains The Same” comes on and it’s like you just ate a bag of shrooms and it is every year and every memory all at once and why are we even bothering to think when we could be enjoying the pure bliss of silence but our minds are poisoned with thought…fuck it, I’ll just kill the bottle. She’ll never notice…

Shore Dive Records


- Don Lorenzo

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    Cat Hall Angelez DFW
    :-) thanks!

    :-) thanks!

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