When this track first gets a few bars in I hear early 80’s radio pop in the vein of Loverboy or one of those mall tour chicks like Tiffany or Debbie Gibson and even those examples have more edge to them. This is trying to be the Talking Heads or Peter Gabriel as it states in the bio but I feel like it lacks any kind of edge that those bands had to their music. Everything is tuned and EQ’ed to be so subtle and pop. This is exactly what they are going for because I made the same exact complaint about the other project this artist is involved in The Tisbury’s. It’s so clean that it becomes sterile at times. The lyrics and production are great but I feel it’s missing any sort of excitement in the tones used to create the song. Fuzz up the bass or keys or something. I want to be excited for this because the melody and the hook of the chorus are great. It could also be because I’m from New Jersey birthplace of The Misfits. I’m gonna give them a pass because the song is good.



- Sam Lowry

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