SECRECIES Unveils Enigmatic Dream-Pop Odyssey with 'Perfect Bite' Album By Francis Madden

Dallas-based outfit SECRECIES is gearing up to unveil their latest musical venture, the eagerly awaited album "Perfect Bite," set for release on May 17 via Idol Records. Helmed by the multifaceted Shawn Magill, the band's principal songwriter, producer, and creative force, "Perfect Bite" emerges as a testament to resilience and evolution, showcasing a collection of tracks conceived amidst the backdrop of the pandemic and featuring fresh faces within the ensemble's ever-shifting lineup. This forthcoming release serves as a follow-up to SECRECIES' self-titled debut in 2019, which garnered acclaim, including the coveted Best New Artist title at the Dallas Observer Music Awards.

Leading the charge is "Cathedrals," the album's inaugural single, accompanied by an evocative music video. Premiering on KXT and now available across digital platforms, "Cathedrals" envelops listeners in a spellbinding soundscape, traversing urban vistas and ocean depths with a palpable sense of intrigue. Its enigmatic lyrics and ethereal melodies beckon the listener into a realm of introspection, where moments of revelation unfold amidst the chaos of existence. With an arresting blend of imagery and emotion, "Cathedrals" invites audiences to immerse themselves in its atmospheric allure, prompting contemplation of life's mysteries.

SECRECIES' hometown faithful can anticipate a special record release show on May 18 at Dallas's Doublewide, promising an intimate glimpse into the album's sonic universe.

"Perfect Bite" weaves a tapestry of dreamy textures and pulsating electronics, enveloping listeners in a hypnotic embrace that traverses the realms of beauty and introspection. Across its 12 tracks, the album unfolds like a cosmic odyssey, guided by shimmering guitars, celestial synths, and Magill's entrancing vocals. Amidst the lush sonic landscapes lie traces of electronic experimentation, infusing the music with an otherworldly allure reminiscent of shoegaze pioneers of yesteryears.

Within the album's intricate arrangements lies a narrative thread that navigates themes of transcendence and existential wonder. Each composition contributes to a larger cosmic tapestry, inviting listeners to contemplate their place within the universe.

Magill's vocals serve as a conduit for emotion and revelation, imbuing each lyric with a sense of intimacy and urgency. Her honeyed tones resonate with a warmth that transcends the confines of time and space, enveloping listeners in a cocoon of solace and reflection.

"Perfect Bite" sees Magill collaborating with a cadre of talented musicians, including Alex Bhore, Leah Lane, Dean Adams, and Ivan Beltran, whose collective expertise lends depth and dynamism to the album's sonic palette.

In addition to her musical pursuits, Magill's creative endeavors extend to the realms of collage art, composition, and design, enriching the cultural landscape with her multidisciplinary vision.

As SECRECIES' latest opus prepares to unfurl its sonic tapestry, audiences are invited to embark on a journey of discovery, where every note serves as a portal to a universe of infinite possibility.

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