LA based singer/songwriter Ryan Pollie returns with his first song in two years. An excellent melancholy pop masterpiece, “The Shore House” weaves around with precise instrumentation in between incredibly catchy verses, stops and starts and a hooky chorus. The track features unique and vulnerable but well executed and effective vocals as we have come to expect from Pollie. This seems clearly 70’s inspired, and the recording is super clean. This track has piano, sax, cello, guitar, percussion and harp, so there are a lot of layers but it all fits together perfectly, never sounding convoluted. Here at BMN a typical complaint is super clean sounding production and recordings, and Pollie lands in that category here, but the song is so well crafted it gets a pass. Pollie’s approach to songwriting and production is deliberate, competent, and informed. Check this track out (and great animated video) and don’t forget to dig into Pollie’s catalog if this is your introduction to his music. Once again a west coast track pulls my head out of the NJ swamps and lightens my mood (that guitar solo!). Thanks, Ryan.



- Joe Pugsley

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