RMBLR bring us killer punk rock'n'roll from Atlanta GA

RMBLR bring us killer punk rock’n’roll from Atlanta GA, with a sound that brings to mind The Devil Dogs, with the energy of The Supersuckers and a snarl and trashiness of our own NJ legends Electric Frankenstein and other “Action Rock” and sleazy street punk everywhere. Having members from countless other projects and bands (The Heart Attacks and Biters to name a couple), the band is comprised of well-seasoned musicians who know their rock’n’roll. The EP starts off with the incendiary and super catchy single “Machine Gun!!” and you know right away that you’re in for a ride full of power chord riffs, snotty vocals, Johnny Thunders guitar licks, 4/4 drum beats played on the floor tom, and all the ingredients necessary for an excellent punk rock’n’roll release. “Hurricane Kiss” shows the band’s dynamic, with an upbeat tempo and great menacing sounding guitar runs and more catchy as hell but also grimy and gruff vocals. “Main Muscle”, the other single can get stuck in your head for days. Another highlight “Move Over” is another perfect blend of glam, punk and rock’n’roll with a vocal highlight. This is music to blast at a party (can we have parties yet?), or if you’re feeling down, this is something to blast and pull you out of your own head. RMBLR is clearly forging their own path and making no apologies for it, which is refreshing and fun. Highly recommended.

Spaghetty Town Records


- Joe Pugsley

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