Pop-Punkers Hiding From Humans release new video & EP!

Regina pop-punkers Hiding From Humans have released their 6-song EP “Radio.” After hearing the title track a few weeks ago, I was stoked to see what these guys were going to pull out for this record. The EP starts with this track, strategically placing that big chorus up top. I’m in. Sonically, you’ll kind of know what you’re in for, but you might catch yourself, like I did, hanging out for the riffs, lines, and choruses. The rest of the tracks follow with well-rounded compositions fraught with catchy guitar layers, octave melodies, and vocal harmonies. I respect this band and their what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach to pop-punk. “Thanks for the backhanded compliment, Eddie.” What I mean is, you’ll hear a mixed pot of mainstay influences: “...Buffalo” and “Ever Passing Moment”-era MXPX, “Sticks and Stones”-era NFG, “Grave”-era Fall Out Boy, Blink-182, and perhaps a little Saves the Day; the difference is, though, HFH came with the hooks to back them up. Standout tracks: “Glum” & “Drive”


- Eddie Templeton, BMN Contributor

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