Old Town Crier brings vintage vibes with a modern feel

Multi-instrumentalist Jim Lough of Old Town Crier blends Americana vibes, 50s doo wop catchiness and backup vocals, and a Springsteen/Dylan feel to his new EP “I’m Longing For You Honey in Middleboro, Mass”. With a knack for storytelling, on highlights like “In The Dark”, Lough creates an atmosphere that is as reminiscent of the past as it is fresh and unique. The instrumentation, recording and songwriting bring a “Basement Tapes” Dylan era feel, and one would never say such a thing lightly. “Moonlight Road” brings an almost menacing sounding slide guitar, a honky tonk swagger, and a feel that brings to mind those great 70s Stones records. Described as a “super lo-fi recording”, Lough incorporates the use of slide, harmonica, acoustic strumming, piano and drums that sound like everything was recorded in the same room with one mic and in so doing creates a feel that seems like a lost art, with every recording nowadays mastered to be as loud as possible and as generic as the last thing you heard. Old Town Crier is a relic from the past, helping those of us who may have missed it to understand more, and bringing comfort to those who’ve been there or at least studied it in detail. You can’t fake a feel, and Old Town Crier knows that. 

Lough is also working with political activist Howard Klein, who asked him to write a song for his progressive PAC Blue America. He did and Klein liked it so much (it’s great I got a sneak peak) that he asked Lough to write more, and he is now working on a full EP for this effort. Any effort to confront the dangerous and absurd right wing in this country can only be admired, as I continue to hold my breath waiting for the commie revolution. 

Don’t miss this one, and please support via Bandcamp.



- Joe Pugsley

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