It’s clear to hear the influence of 90’s alternative on songwriter Ryan Levasseur who fronts the new Trash Casual / Mint 400 band New Norde. Not new at all to music, Levasseur fronted the very popular New Hampshire band The Minus Scale and this new project incorporates all bandmates who played in that project. When I hear this EP it’s clear that Levasseur is a fan of things like Matthew Sweet, The Gin Blossoms, Guided By Voices and a host of other indie rock bands from the past 30 years. All of it comes together to make a power pop blend in the vein of Fountains Of Wayne meets Nada Surf, Death Cab For Cutie and more. My personal favorite track is the syrupy sweet “Amy”, a melody that you will swear is familiar and big almost like it was written to be the theme song for a non-existent sit-com. Hey Amy Schumer or Amy Sedaris, either of you guys doing a self-titled sitcom anytime soon? This whole EP sounds pristine as Tom Beajour known for being one of NJ’s great Indie Rock producers lends a hand to mix this 5 song indie rock masterpiece. Overall a really nice second act for Levasseur, a big step forward. Every track is almost an anthem for the middle aged with kids older rock dudes.

EP Pre-Save
Mint 400 Records
Trash Casual


- Sam Lowry



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