Raised in border towns Ciudad Juarez (Mexico) and El Paso, TX, Luis C. Flores soon made the transformation into LC Flowers, the prolific Indie artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Having played in all styles of bands as a drummer helped him to finally put together the culmination of his abilities. His newest EP follows up the 2021 LP “At Home” with a more organic sound. We sat down with LC Flowers to ask him about his newest EP. 

What is your process for writing and recording? 

It varies. For this EP I went back to layering over loops, which is how I first started making electronic music. 

What is the song and album title "Put On A Sweater" all about? 

During a run a few months back I dug into one of those Little Free Libraries and found an old book on steps an individual can take to reduce their carbon footprint. The title track was listed as one of those steps. I had recorded a track on the subject, but didn't have a title, so I borrowed Put on a Sweater. 

How do you decide on tones and sounds you are going to use in recordings, what are your favorite tones? 

Once I have a rough song structure, it is whatever the aesthetic calls for that dictates the production. If acoustic guitar is the main instrumental element, I may go for a psych-rock sound, whereas if looped synth arpeggios are the song's base I'll go for a more electronic sound. 

Lyrically what do you think this EP says? 

There's no one theme but it is a compilation of its time, dealing with climate change, dementia, and global conflict. 

Today we are premiering the track “Put On a Sweater” from the EP “Put On A Sweater” which will be available on June 24th on all streaming services. 

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