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Jerimiah Ochoa, also known as Wiseboy Jeremy, is a 20-year-old Willingboro, New Jersey, backpack hip-hop rapper. The son of a rapper and a DJ, Wiseboy Jeremy was born with a deep connection to music. Growing up in a musical family, he started creating his songs at 13. During high school, he drew inspiration from artists like Minnie Riperton, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem, which led him to start creating his music on Soundcloud. From his earliest project, Friday Nights on Fallon Street, to his latest EP, AZURE, Jeremy has delivered physical proof that music can feed the soul. Though his past struggles, current thoughts, or future worries, his music is a type of diary. And listening to his lyrics paints a picture of his life story.

What sets Wiseboy Jeremy apart is his commitment to authenticity. He writes about real-life experiences and emotions, believing every human experience is unique and relatable. He acknowledges that he's still evolving and doesn't have all the answers. Still, he's dedicated to sharing his trials and tribulations with his audience.

Wiseboy Jeremy's 2022 album, "Still Chldrn," reflects a transformative period in his life and career. He uses his music to express his journey of self-discovery and love. His stage name suggests wisdom beyond his years, and he delivers his lyrics over jazz-infused production with an East Coast hip-hop vibe.

One of his standout singles, "Grace," demonstrates his expanding musicality and artistic progression. This single's soulful boom bap and glitch-hop vibes envelop the listener as Wiseboy spits a snake charmer's flow on top of an even groovier sample. It's reminiscent of artists like Earl Sweatshirt, Armand Hammer, or The Alchemist. His sounds have converged into something truly unique as he expands his repertoire. He has plans for future projects, including "Pumpkin Seeds," which many listeners anxiously await. He's also been working on more visual projects from live performances like his most recent outing with C.S. Armstrong and Nicknames at $LD live at Heaven Can Wait, New York.

Wiseboy Jeremy is a hometown hero, one of South Jersey's best independent young rappers, and a rising star. His music reflects his passion for the art form and his commitment to positively impacting the world while emphasizing the importance of self-transformation.



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