Street Fever, a versatile, anonymous mixed-media performance artist from Boise, Idaho, crafts gritty symphonies inspired by a diverse background spanning hardcore, heavy rap, industrial techno, EBM, noise, electro, techno, and classical music. Rooted in a spiritual awakening and tumultuous life experiences including institutionalization and imprisonment, Street Fever's project emerges as a platform for personal recovery and addiction advocacy. Balancing destructive possession with holy reclamation, they invite audiences into their world through art and sound, exploring themes of self-discovery and enlightenment. Their latest single "Sinner" reflects on inner strength and poetic freedom, capturing Street Fever's journey through disruptive performances and thought-provoking expressions, documented in a micro-documentary style video showcasing their energetic shows and ongoing quest for creative expression and self-discovery. 

How did Street Fever form and what does the name mean?

I started Street Fever back in 2012, I worked on the music for a few years in private and deleted it all and spent another year re thinking everything and writing my first EP "Afflictions" in 2015. The name is more of a feeling to me, it's ever evolving and taking shape in many forms. For me, Street Fever means adversity, courage and strength. The Street means a lot to me.Growling up my father was homeless so, seeing him on the Street was always very grim. I like the textures of the Streets, all the 
stories and history down a dark path. I have spent some time on the Streets myself, I've had very intense episodes of Psychosis. I have a deep love and fear all at the same time. It's always been an interesting relationship to me, seeing my dad like that and all.  Now I like to look at it as a playground for my art. The Streets are ever changing and a very integral part of my story. 

Previous musical projects? How'd you first get into music?
I have many projects but I prefer to keep them to myself. I grew up listening to a lot of Rap music. I fell in love with Three Six Mafia at an early age and I used to make beats for some friends and a few gang members that I made money from. Early 50 Cent and all the G unit stuff. I remember the first time using FL Studio just trying to recreate the theme song for the "Get Rich Or Die Trying" dvd menu screen. In 2008 I got really into Justice and all the Edbanger stuff and started my Journey making electronic music. I also was in some hardcore bands growing up. I spent a lot of time in the DIY scene just trying stuff out and playing as many shows as I could. 
First concert that you ever went to?
Hmm I think it was a house show. I think it was this amazing metal band called "The Deep" I really liked those guys. 

 What's your writing process like?
It's always changning. I make music rather quickly so, sometimes my process doesn't really have anything to do with me being in the studio. I try 
to live life and just come back and Journal in a way with sounds and textures and heavy experimentation.  I try to let the muse in and get out of the way honestly. I truly believe all of our ideas are from a divine source and if we can find the right balance of surrendering to the process and not try to be so perfect, everything  can just happen naturally. For me if I can produce quickly and sufficiently I can translate whatever is flowing through me and just let it happen. 

 What other artists or songs inspire your music? 

I really love M.E.S.H. , they have some amazing Industrial textures that are out of this world.
William Basinski is another big inspo, his music has really helped me heal and one time I came up to him at a show and he just grabbed my hand as I was sobbing to him how much his music means to me. It was so special. 
Louisahhh is one of my biggest inspo's in my life. Musically and just as a human being. She has become a dear friend of mine and has helped me in my recovery journey as well. She is truly one of my Heros. 
Marina Abromovic is another artist that really inspires me. Her ability to use herself as the art is something I truly look up to and admire. 

 What's the live experience like and your philosophy on playing live? Do you think the music live should be identical to the recorded version or should it be its own thing?
For me playing live is about bringing others into your world. For me, it's one of the few times I can really just be destructive and graceful all at the same time.  I think for me, it's important to make people feel like they have no idea what to expect. I try to incorporate art into my shows. Whether it's ripping up canvas or pouring paint all over myself or even destroying a synthesizer. I just try to do whatever feels right. Sometimes I don't really even plan anything and crazy stuff just sort of happens naturally. I feel that's really where the magic is because you're also whitnesing it happening as well because you weren't expecting it either. 

Have you toured? What has the touring experience been, best shows? Worst shows?
I've toured the US around 5 times now and played in pretty much every state. My favorite show was probably the time where I painted 20 canvas and me and 10 of my friends played in the center of this 800 cap room and destroyed all of them live. By the end I poured paint all over myself on a 6X8'  canvas. My shows are also the place where I like to make my art so by the end I have a bunch of materials for my art shows to come. It's an on going art project to me and the shows are just apart of my process. 

What's up next for Street Fever?
I plan on touring the US in support of my new debut Album "Absolution" coming out this spring. Europe is in the works as well, hoping to spend a lot of time out there in the fall. I have an awesome show with Health, Panther Modern and Pixel Grip coming up April 6th at Modern Wav in SD. 


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