JENNY "Trajinero" Music Video Premiere

We're stoked to host the premiere of JENNY's new video "Trajinaro" - a catchy, punk/pop track sung in Spanish with a great video with animation by Miguel Jara and Celestial Brizuela at Estudio Pneuma, Mexico City, 2021. Aesthetically and musically it is a very enjoyable track with a catchy, hooky chorus, a chill feel and fun vibes. The keys and Spanish influence is clearly heard and makes for an interesting blend with the surf sounding drums and guitars somewhat in the background, and bassline following nicely, right in the pocket. There is some odd imagery that I'm not sure I would have pieced together without the description the band provided, so I will include it below. It all comes together nicely, the narrative as well as the track and fun b-side you can catch in the embed below. JENNY "Trajinero b/w Kids Of Today" 300 first-pressing copies available now, 100 on clear vinyl, 200 on black through Dirt Cult Records (US) & Wanda Records (EU).

JENNY "Trajinero b/w Kids of Today" is the sophomore EP by Justin Maurer (CLOROX GIRLS, MANIAC, SUSPECT PARTS, L.A. DRUGZ) featuring a little help from his friends Jacobo Fernandez (LAS BRUSCAS, LES TRAGIQUES, DESOBEDIENTES) and Gabriel Lopez (ESPECTROPLASMA, SONIDO GALLO NEGRO) as well as his former bandmates in LA DRUGZ who play on the B-Side "Kids of Today".

"Trajinero" is JENNY's debut Spanish language single with the B-side "Kids of Today" sung in English. "Trajinero" was conceived during Maurer's visit to Mexico City in November 2020. Maurer, Fernandez, and his girlfriend Corey were enjoying a Sunday afternoon boat ride in the swamps of Xochimilco, Mexico City, and Maurer was fascinated by the rough and tumble trajineros who expertly manned their hand-painted gondolas in the canals. 

Over a bottle of ice-cold Don Julio Blanco, Maurer and Fernandez envisioned a plot where a lovelorn working-class trajinero must commit crimes to keep his upper-middle class fresa girlfriend happy. Loosely based on the plot of Emilio "El Indio" Fernández 1943 film Maria Candelaria, our protagonist commits a crime of passion and ends up in jail. He makes a plea to himself for his own happiness and survival, a passionate cry of "Ni Carcel/Ni Ella/Ni Nerds" which translates to "Not jail, not her, not nerds." (The Mexican Spanish equivalent of nerds, ñoños, is sung on the final word of the song.)"

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- Don Lorenzo

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