JATK: Conscious Wonder Single

Photo Credit: Aneleise Ruggles

For those of us nerdy enough about power pop to belong to fb groups that debate such important topics such as whether or not The Only Ones and The Smithereens are “real” power pop (whatever that means), that said; us nerds know it when we hear it, and JATK is the new power pop I’ve needed for a really long time. There is an ease in how he delivers vocal melody and yet also keeps the urgency and aggressiveness of the music in such a way that forces you to feel the emotive aim of the song. It sounds like the songs were written in 15 minutes after Matt Jatkola heard it in his head for a couple days, as his Muse seems to flow through him with such fluidity he may perhaps need an exorcism. We’ve covered all of the singles but I’m including them all here in case you missed them. This new one “Conscious Wonder” is the slowest of the 3 so far, but not a ballad, it is more of a catchy mid-tempo pop track with perhaps a blend of “All Shook Down” Replacements era vibes and one of those catchy as hell 90s Gin Blossoms tracks.

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- Joe Pugsley

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