The first thing I think of when I heard Toledo’s lead off track “It’s Alive” from their EP Jockeys Of Love was Elliot Smith singing songs written by Peter Cetera of Chicago. For me that is an amazing thing and I’m all for it. The Elliott Smith impersonation is uncanny, whether intentional or just a happy accident, I have to admit I love it. As the EP continues on tracks like “Dog Has It’s Day” I hear a little of The Shins and other early 2000’s indie rock bands. Throughout though the acoustic guitar keeps this from ever really being rock and keeps it in the folk realm. 

Track three has a noticeable vocal shift from the soft Elliott Smith impression to a more traditional indie rock vocal but it’s still really good. Every song has a good pop hook in the chorus. By Track 4 “You Won’t the Elliott Smith-ish vocals are back but the music is interesting and the female vocals feel more present in this track. This whole EP is a very feels like even though it sounds like early 2000’s indie that’s it’s inspired by much more than that. Track five “Sunday Funday” has something very 90’s about it and feels either Toad The Wet Sprocket, James or Feeder inspired, one of those mellow 90’s indie pop type bands. Whatever you want to compare the music to it’s apparent the band knows how to write a hook. Every song has a memorable sign along to chorus and the overall production and vocal are just pleasant to listen to. 

This EP won’t be for everyone because it definitely doesn’t have any kind of sharp edge to it but for those who love chill laid back indie folk that pays homage some of the artists mentioned, you will love this.  The fact that this is a two-piece band makes me like it even more. Listening back to some of their older material show this newest EP had some more attention paid to production and it definitely has helped. I could see an EP like this really helping this band to take a large step forward in popularity.  They seem to already have a large following and it’s easy to see why but I could see this EP getting them to that next level.


- Sam Lowry

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