From Shore Dive Records comes another gothy industrial gem. Hailing from Seville, Spain Flu Flu has vocals like Ian Curtis over synth laden indie pop and I would say the vocals are what tonally make it sound dark. On track one “Mi Novia Futurista” is an interesting contrast between sweet mellow indie pop and heavy NIN industrial as the song switches between the two dynamics for almost 3 minutes. Something about this sounds very 90’s inspired especially track two “Demasiado Tarde” is like the music of New Radicals with the same dark brooding Joy Division voice throughout. The band hits the trademark Shore Dive sound on track 3 “Sleepwalker” where a heavy My Bloody Valentine-ish part interrupts the serene verses. Track 4 is somewhat of a surprise as it sounds like The Strokes and is sung in English and the drumming switches from robotic to a more traditional live drum sound. Track 5 “Girl Power” goes back to the more industrial sound and by Track 6 “Mi Aporema Personal” the band again dips into Indie Rock on a tune that is similar to Jesus and Mary Chain or Love And Rockets. Overall the EP feels like 2 EP’s, a handful of heavy industrial dynamically diverse tracks mixed with a few straightforward poppy indie rock songs and I think that’s fine to keep their audience on their toes. Overall a good effort and enough diversity to keep it interesting while staying cohesive.

Shore Dive Records


- Sam Lowry

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