Deradoorian finds the sun

If it wasn’t for the damn, music-saturated internet, this record would have easily went down as a critically acclaimed, masterpiece, the way John Cale’s first solo record, received accolades. Mystical, spiritual, and sweet softness, covered in modern day hippie-reverb. It doesn’t hurt that Angel Deradoorian is visually stunning. I'm sure the Dirty Projectors are missing her right about now. This entire record sounds so otherworldly and the cosmology commences on “It was Me”. I imagine Angel and her sister, as little kids, experimenting with music by banging on pillows and playing with grade school recorders, etc. and it’s all now, coming to fruition. I can’t say enough about Angel’s beautiful voice. The mood this record sets,.. just wow!


- Spencer Dipthorpe

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