Covert Stations : Love My Way

NJ singer Craig Cirinelli (Hidden Cabins, Damn This Desert Air), a seasoned vet of the independent music scene, returns with project Covert Stations, who bring an intense and noisy cover of the classic Psychedelic Furs track “Love My Way” and somehow bring extra grit to an already gritty song. This is one of those tracks that it seems futile to attempt to cover, as it is so unique and moody, Richard Butler’s vocals cannot be duplicated, and any attempt to stray from the original feel would almost seem sacrilege. Yet perhaps surprisingly to those unfamiliar with Cirinelli’s work, Covert Stations manage to add their own flair while still remaining true to the original feel, vibe and sound of the song. Cirinelli’s vocal range is quite dynamic – he has been in punk, hardcore, indie and folk rock bands and projects over the years so his approach is even keeled yet abrasive at the same time: the perfect blend of gruff and melodic nuance, and there are also plenty of added noisy, effect laden guitars to bring a new feel to the spacy, dare I say, psychedelic song. While I’m not surprised to hear such a high quality track from these guys, considering the song, a personal favorite and such a classic, with so many intricacies, it is still necessary to point out that they simply nailed this, and executing a cover of this magnitude is not an easy task. Covert Stations have more covers to come our way apparently, and BMN is looking forward to hearing them! Blast this! It’s Friday!




- Joe Pugsley

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