Coming Soon: Gruesome New Album from Stephen Heath (L.A. Takedown)

New Hope NJ independent label Perpetual Doom continues to show its consistency, while defining its approach and sounds. This record, set for a New Years Day release (assuming we're all still here) - is one you will have to wait to hear, but consider this review as a heads up to keep your eyes, ears and wallets open come Jan 1st. It will be released as a Limited Edition (100) pro-dubbed, pro-printed audio cassette w/ fold-out j-card! Pre-Order will be available here soon

Not being familiar with his earlier work, I had nothing to base this new collection on. But after hearing this I feel like I may have missed a great opportunity but I'm glad I got in when I did. In a nutshell, this album is very good. I really dig lo-fi but most artists spend way too much time TRYING to sound this primitive, in this aspect Stephen Heath by his own admission recorded this record about as bare bones as you can get...and it's cool as fuck. His voice is like an additional instrument, and works perfectly with his warm fuzzy tones, tremolo and reverb. My favorite tracks are "Rockin" and "We"....melodies, harmonies and feel, which according to the artist is exactly what he was going for. I will be doing an interview soon as well, for us "tone nuts" who love to geek out and talk gear. Well done Stephen, can't wait to chat! Don Likes, and you will too!

-Don Lorenzo, BMN Contributor

Perpetual Doom

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