Something comes off a little bit Karen O-ish about this track but it’s not quite that indie. Instead it’s like if you take a healthy dose of Americana and injected it into modern female fronted indie rock stuff like Phoebe Bridgers. This song could equally work as a more country track if some of the driving bass and fuzzy guitars were swapped for acoustic instruments. In any case it’s a song that works and you can hear a certain energy behind it that makes it sound like a real band got together in a room and performed it. Even if that’s not true, it has an energy like that. Man I should be a publicist, I didn’t even see the Karen O reference in the press release before I said it. The other artist that Cat is compared to is Tanya Donelly and I swear that was the other person I was thinking of when the mellower parts come in. This is like if Belly was dark, moody Americana. Every comparison I made is stuff I love so it’s hard not to love this track.


FIFA Records


- Sam Lowry

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