Career Boy - “Size Up”

Career Boy brings da funk, wif “Size Up”, mo fos! Whoa, what happened? 
Clocking in at under two minutes, it seems they wanted to get in and out on this one, quick! 
I mean, it works but would've liked another chorus or verse. 
It’s just as well, as their trippy cover art for “Size Up” was starting to freak me out. 
[I may have to pull back on my recent "microdose" regimen 🙄] 
Also, we here at BMN, appreciate Career Boy's defiant and non-compliant attitude towards the capitalistic music industry. F da man! 

[Think Beastie Boys meets Jay-Z meets EMF] 

SpEnCe-O-mETeR = 🍄🍄🍄💀💀



- Spencer Dipthorpe



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