Brooklyn's Nihiloceros release driving single ahead of upcoming album

Brooklyn's Nihiloceros play indie rock but with a bit more aggression at times to break up the more straightforward, unapologetic melody of the verses. A good example is the menacing guitar solo that comes in at the 2:08 mark of the first song “Dirty Homes” which is followed by some heavy jams reminiscent of old fugazi tracks that were full of jam sessions in all different parts of their songs. As you listen through the whole record, you start to understand the approach of the band more, as you see how they blend the above-mentioned elements and add others as well. They mix catchy verses with heavier parts and unexpected changes, and also manage to get a hooky chorus in there as well. While the individual elements alone do not make the band unique necessarily, the combination of these elements and the way they put them together and structure their songs, certainly does make them a unique unit worthy of attention, and a closer look and listen. The release rounds itself out with more punky power pop songs with interesting arrangements and excellent musicianship and execution. The record drops 9/17/21 on Totally Real Records but we can share with you the first single “iamananimal”. Pre-Order 12” Vinyl and cassette here.

Totally Real Records


- Joe Pugsley


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