Arctic Sleep & Friends Presents: A Tribute To The TOP GUN Motion Picture Soundtrack

While bored during quarantine a lot of bands came up with some very cool projects to keep themselves sane. One of the cooler projects is this tribute to the soundtrack of Top Gun and new takes on some 80’s classics. I liken the first track “Danger Zone” to when The Atari’s covered Don Henley’s “ Boys Of Summer”. It’s a harder edge put on a mostly pop hit and it makes it that much cooler. I was only familiar with the hits from this collection but even the other tracks had a nice hard rock 80’s hair metal feel.  The variety in singers on the 6 track EP also helps to keep it interesting. The most notable of the group is Craig Cirinelli of Hollar And The Hand, Hidden Cabins, and Elemae among other projects. The project is slickly produced and brings new life to these somewhat cheesy pop tunes and gives them a hard edge, which for me makes them way more enjoyable. Would love to see the live version of this performed. This project is a fundraiser for The Animal Welfare Institute so go get it at the Bandcamp page.


House Without Walls


- Sam Lowry


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