This EP is so jazzy, poppy and fun. Zoe Berman has such a warm and sultry voice along with an amazing band. The band is modern and vintage at the same time. I like that modern elements are only sprinkled in very slightly and the music still relies on traditional instrumentation. The production is stellar and sounds like it could be a major label release. On tracks “Edit, Delete, & Save” it feels like Sharon Van Etten but mixed with a mellower lounge vibe. The vocal cadence and smoothness comes off like Smokey Robinson at times. This is one of the few releases that leaves you wanting more the second it ends. The songs are on the longer side but never feel too long. I love the final track as Berman channels Fiona Apple but offers up a more polished straight forward poppy R&B track. I can’t criticize anything about this EP and believe me finding flaws and exposing them is one of my favorite things. This is something worth checking out and it’s an artist worth keeping an eye on.



- Sam Lowry

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