BMN exclusive premier: Sonofdov Returns with new single/video "Satellites"

Back in late March, much of the world was beginning to feel the weight of these unprecedented times. In a state of anxiety and uncertainty, the music gods connected me with an artistic force. Brooklyn based producer, multi-instrumentalist and member of the beloved American indie rock band Augustines, Eric Sanderson. What started as a simple phone recording, developed into a song depicting the fragility of an idea into something greater.  

Working remotely did not stop Eric’s mantra of “being present in the moment” and the work to be put into creating music. With his refined stroke of production insight and musicianship, Eric was able to sonically tell a story, accompanying the lyrical content throughout. The opening sparse tone gradually evolves into an ethereal landscape supported by a calming cool rhythm, steering us to unattainable places.   

Overall, it’s an open ended question, allowing the listener to decide what it is and where does it go for them?  As artists, we tinker with optimism and wrestle with opposing darkness. Even when the satellites are crashing down, we forge ahead. -D.King (Sonofdov)

Who directed the video and where did the concept come from? 
The video was directed by Swedish artist and film maker, Peter Norrman. Peter’s abstract approach compliments the heart of the songs intentions, while bringing the visual component to life.  One of my biggest joys is seeing a piece of film with my music, it’s the final piece of the puzzle.  Peter has most recently worked with Nada Surf and Miner Alps, when you have some time, check out his work.


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