A snare drum like electronic smack sets the tone for this dreamy indie pop EP with lush harmonies and organs in an ethereal pattern on track 1 “Downbrown”. The bands synth tones are in line with modern bands like Phantogram and vocal on track 2 that feels a little bit Karen O-esque, which is always a good thing. The band in a way reminds me of Phantogram also with it’s mostly electronic arrangements but hints of electric guitar. The songs are bold mixes with certain instruments really stepping into the forefront and taking over the mix at times. The vocals take the main command of every track though almost in a Beth Gibbons of Portishead way, a perfect compliment to each arrangement.  The band considers these tracks shoegaze and each track sets a groove and stays with it throughout the duration of each song but I would definitely consider this more pop than shoegaze. Overall a solid EP that is sure to find a wide audience that appreciates all of the elements that make up this band.

Somewherecold Records


- Sam Lowry

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