Fig Dish: 90s Chicago Alt-Rock Underdogs Return with New Single "Burn Bright for Now" After 27 Years


Feels Like the Very First Two Times Out September 6 on Forge Again Records, Announces First Show in 10+ Years at Gman in Chicago

In a landscape once dominated by grunge giants and alternative rock stalwarts, Fig Dish carved out a unique space with their boisterous, hook-laden sound. Now, over 27 years since their last release, the Chicago alt-rockers are back with a new single, "Burn Bright for Now," teasing their upcoming album, Feels Like the Very First Two Times. Set to drop on September 6 via Forge Again Records, the album promises a return to their signature blend of pop melodies, noisy guitars, and angsty lyrics.

Fig Dish’s reputation for raucous, intoxicating live shows and catchy, anthemic tracks earned them a loyal following in the Midwest, though they remained under the radar for many. Critics praised their ability to merge slacker anthems with rock assaults, creating a potent haze of Midwestern garage-pop. This ability to blend chaos with infectious melodies set them apart from the grunge bands of their era, drawing comparisons to regional peers like Cheap Trick, The Replacements, and Hüsker Dü.

Originating in Chicago in the early 90s, Fig Dish was comprised of high school friends: guitarists/vocalists Rick Ness and Blake Smith, bassist/vocalist Mike Willison, and drummer Andy Hamilton. Their name, a cheeky nod to the German expletive "fick dich," hinted at the irreverent, rebellious spirit that characterized their music and performances. Despite their undeniable talent and critical acclaim, the band was often overshadowed by their contemporaries, becoming an underdog in the bustling Chicago music scene.

Their debut album, That’s What Love Songs Often Do, produced by Lou Giordano, launched them into national obscurity despite heavy touring and a brief stint on MTV with the single "Seeds." Fig Dish's journey was riddled with missteps and misfortune, from near-miss record deals to a notorious incident involving Marilyn Manson and a sandwich. Yet, their resilience and creativity never wavered, leading them to craft a second album and nearly a third, which remained unreleased for decades.

The upcoming release of Feels Like the Very First Two Times represents a significant milestone for Fig Dish. The album, unearthed from the archives and polished for a modern audience, captures the essence of a band that thrived on the brink of chaos and creativity. It serves as a testament to their enduring legacy and the timeless appeal of their music.

Fans can pre-order the album on vinyl and all streaming platforms, and those in Chicago can catch Fig Dish’s first live performance in over a decade at Gman on September 6. With "Burn Bright for Now" setting the stage, Fig Dish is poised to reclaim their place in the annals of alt-rock history. 

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