BTK Drops Ferocious New Single "Cadavres" Ahead of Their Darkest Album Yet, 'Sauvagerie'

French chaotic hardcore power-trio BTK (Bind Torture Kill) has unleashed a ferocious new single, "Cadavres," ahead of their upcoming third album, 'Sauvagerie.' Set for release this fall across CD, LP, tape, and digital formats, the album will be distributed via Breathe Plastic Records, Dahlia Noir Records, and The Hills Are Dead Records.

It's been six years since BTK's last full-length release, 'Viscères,' but "Cadavres" confirms the band's commitment to their brutal, unrelenting sound. Fans of ALL PIGS MUST DIE, Converge, Napalm Death, Sect, and Trap Them will find plenty to admire in BTK’s aggressive approach.

BTK, formed in Lyon in 2010, initially included a bassist but evolved into their current trio format with a drummer, guitarist, and vocalist. Their debut EP dropped in 2013, followed by the self-produced debut album 'Condamné' in 2015. The band’s second album, 'Viscères,' arrived in 2018, co-produced with labels WOOAAARGH!, Troffea, and Hell-J Industries.

'Viscères' marked a sonic shift for BTK, featuring a guitar setup that includes plugging a single guitar into three amps: two guitar amps and one bass amp, augmented by an octaver pedal. This unique arrangement lent a massive, crushing weight to their sound, pushing their chaotic hardcore style into darker, heavier territories.

 While maintaining their signature triple-amp guitar setup, the new album introduces the iconic HM2 pedal, infusing their sound with an even more abrasive edge. This addition propels BTK's music into a new realm of aggression, enhancing their savage and unrestrained identity.

"Sauvagerie" promises to be BTK's darkest and most violent offering yet, characterized by filthy, feedback-laden tones that draw from a spectrum of extreme genres, including punk, crust, grind, and black metal. The album's dynamic structure oscillates between frantic tempos and crushing, down-tuned riffs, embodying the raw, unfiltered chaos that BTK fans have come to expect.

With "Cadavres," BTK reaffirms their position in the chaotic hardcore scene, delivering a blistering preview of what 'Sauvagerie' has in store. This fall, prepare for an auditory assault that’s as unrelenting as it is exhilarating.

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