Autogramm Revives New Wave with Electrifying New Album and Tour

Autogramm, the synth-driven power-pop trio hailing from Seattle, Chicago, and Vancouver, are hitting the road with a string of live dates in Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, and Cleveland. This tour supports their latest album, Music That Humans Can Play, out now on Stomp Records (and Beluga Records EU). The band, comprised of veterans from acts like Black Mountain, Destroyer, Night Court, and more, delves deep into new wave territory, diverging from their punk and indie rock roots.

Their newest release, Music That Humans Can Play, showcases a meticulous homage to their influences. Drawing from The Fixx, David Bowie, Cheap Trick, The Boys, The Dickies, Jay Reatard, and Prince, Autogramm crafts an album that feels both timeless and perfectly at home in the '80s section of any record collection. The songs on the album are meticulously crafted, reminiscent of soundtracks from classic teen films like Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Autogramm's journey in the music scene is notable for its breadth and depth. They've captured the attention of international press including Exclaim, Under the Radar, Goldmine, Austin Town Hall, and Heatwave (UK), while garnering radio support from stations like WFMU NYC, Little Steven's Underground Garage NYC, The Rock 94.9 Toronto, Radio 3, X92.9 Calgary, KEXP Seattle, and Xray FM Portland. Impressively, they clinched the #1 spot on the NACC college charts.

The band's connection to the art, punk, and skateboarding communities has seen them perform across Canada, Mexico, the US, the UK, and Europe. They've graced stages at iconic venues like London’s Lexington, Berlin’s Wild At Heart, and San Francisco’s Bottom of the Hill. Their previous album, No Rules, climbed to #3 on Radio 3 and maintained a presence on college radio charts in the US and Canada for five months.

Autogramm comprises Jiffy Marx of Hard Drugs, Night Court, and Blood Meridian; CC Voltage of Dysnea Boys, Loyalties, Black Halos, and Spitfires; Lars Von Seattle of Bread & Butter and The Catheters; and The Silo of Black Mountain, Lightning Dust, Destroyer, and Spun Out. The album was recorded during Vancouver's heatwave in August 2022, capturing a vibrant energy amidst beach visits and barbecues.

Their latest single, "Diana," released on Sweden’s Beluga Records, continues Autogramm’s tradition of new wave anthems with a darker edge. It seamlessly blends the rhythms and melancholic vocals reminiscent of early Depeche Mode and Human League with the fiery guitars and emotional depth of TSOL or Billy Idol. Dom Daley of Uber Rock Magazine (UK) aptly describes it as “the Cars driving Numan around listening to some real ‘80s radio before checking out Duncan Reid.”

Autogramm's Music That Humans Can Play shows the bands talent for blending nostalgia with fresh, compelling sounds, ensuring their place in the annals of modern new wave and power pop.





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