New Indie Pop Project Lon Lloyd, Former Rosey Bengal Songwriter, Offers Up Their Debut Single!

Lon Lloyd, the moniker for the Newton, NJ-based songwriter Evan Luberger, is a project steeped in personal history and sonic evolution. Living with his partner Kait and their two cats, Newt and Sadie, Lloyd's musical journey spans decades, though it remains refreshingly devoid of the typical industry accolades. He doesn’t need awards to validate his craft.

Stepping away from the traditional band model, Lon Lloyd isn’t a collective but a singular creative force. The name is a fusion of personal significance—Lon from his middle name and Lloyd from his father’s. It evokes the spirit of classic country icons, yet Lloyd’s music skews more eclectic, with influences from rock to R&B.

Before becoming Lon Lloyd, the artist operated under the name Rosey Bengal, releasing music since 2015. His musical roots, however, run much deeper. He's lent his drumming talents to Bible Gun, Dad Brother, and CR and the Degenerates, played bass for Reese van Riper and Tiny People, and co-wrote and played guitar for the Handsome Men. Music has been a lifelong companion, with Lloyd starting piano lessons at age six, a pursuit that continued into high school. A skateboarding accident in 2003, which left him homebound for a summer, serendipitously pushed him towards the guitar, an instrument that would become central to his musical identity.

Lon Lloyd’s writing process today is a testament to his evolution as an artist. Music comes first, often birthed from a beat on the drum machine and an exploratory session on the keyboard. This shift from guitar to keyboard under the Lon Lloyd banner marks a significant departure from his Rosey Bengal days. Keyboards, with their vast array of sounds, offer a playground of possibilities, allowing Lon Lloyd to seamlessly transition between moods and textures, fostering creativity. Lyrics, though crucial, take a backseat until the music is fully formed. His approach to writing them is almost spontaneous, finalizing them just before recording, favoring the immediacy and rawness this method provides.

The latest single from Lon Lloyd channels the smooth, sultry vibes of R&B. Drawing inspiration from artists like D'Angelo, Sade, and Jeff Buckley, and nodding to Phil Collins’ "This Must Be Love," the track is imbued with a blend of sleaze and steam. The lyrics are characterized by their rawness and an unapologetic use of profanity, capturing a visceral, unfiltered essence.

With this single, Lon Lloyd continues to carve out his niche, a testament to his relentless pursuit of authentic expression, grounded in a rich tapestry of musical influences and personal history. 

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