The Monsters Unleash Trash Rock Fury on Mexico & US West Coast Tour!

These titans of trash rock, with Beat-Man leading the charge on guitar and vocals, accompanied by Pumi on knobs, Swan Lee on drums, and Janosh on bass, are no strangers to the wilds of the music scene. Since their formation in 1986, they've been carving out their own niche, a sonic assault that they proudly dub "trash rock." It's a frenetic blend of rockabilly grooves and punk fury that leaves audiences breathless and begging for more.

Their latest album, "You're Class, I'm Trash," released via Voodoo Rhythm Records, Slovenly Recordings, and Sounds of Subterrania, is a testament to their unwavering commitment to raw, unfiltered rock 'n' roll. Short bursts of bludgeoning guitars, pounding drums, and incoherent vocals converge to create a cacophony of sound that's as exhilarating as it is relentless.

As they gear up to hit the road once again, The Monsters are ready to conquer new territory. From the bustling streets of Mexico City to the neon-lit alleys of Los Angeles, they'll leave a trail of destruction in their wake, all in the name of punk rock salvation.

For The Monsters, this tour holds special significance. With roots tracing back to the US West Coast, including drummer Janosh's birth in San Luis Obispo during the summer of love, this journey feels like a homecoming of sorts. And they're determined to make it a memorable one, showcasing their brand of Super-1-Riff-Rock'n’Roll-Boogie-Trash to audiences far and wide.

So heed the call, dear readers, and brace yourselves for an onslaught of sonic fury unlike anything you've ever experienced. The Monsters are coming, and they're ready to shake the very foundations of rock 'n' roll to its core. As someone once said, “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

The Monsters Mexico & US West Coast Tour Spring 2024 

  • April 25th – Gato Calavera (Mexico City, MX) - TICKETS
  • April 26th – El Taller (Izcalli, MX) - 
  • April 27 – La Mezcalli (Mexico City, MX) - TICKETS
  • April 28 – Black Box (Tijuana, MX) - TICKETS
  • April 30 – Zebulon (Los Angeles, CA ) - TICKETS
  • May 1 – The Usual Place (Las Vegas, NV) - TICKETS
  • May 2 – Transplants Brewing CO (Palmdale, CA) - TICKETS
  • May 3 – The Crepe Place (Santa Cruz, CA) - TICKETS
  • May 4 – Thee Parkside (San Francisco, CA) - TICKETS
  • May 5 – The Cellar (Reno, NV) - TICKETS 
  • May 7 – The Big Dirty (Eugene, OR) - TICKETS
  • May 8 – Mano Oculta (Portland, OR ) - TICKETS
  • May 9 – The Crypt (Olympia, WA) - TICKETS
  • May 10 – Bearded Monkey (Yakima, WA) - TICKETS
  • May 11 – Clock-Out Lounge (Seattle, WA) - TICKETS

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