Totally Slow Unleash Politically Charged Punk Fury with 'The Darkness Intercepts

North Carolina's punk scene stalwarts, Totally Slow, have unleashed their fourth studio album, 'The Darkness Intercepts', through Refresh Records. This latest offering sees the band delving deeper into their signature brand of razor-sharp, no-frills punk, delivering a sonic assault that's as politically charged as it is musically invigorating.

'The Darkness Intercepts' is a testament to the band's evolution and dynamism. With the addition of bassist Eddie Sanchez (known for his work with Night!Night!, Solar Halos, and The Love Language), Totally Slow's lineup is now complete, boasting a lineup that includes Andy Foster, Chuck Johnson, and Scott Hicks.

Speaking on the album's direction, guitarist and vocalist Scott Hicks emphasizes the band's pursuit of a more dynamic balance. From carefully crafted track sequencing to intricate samples and between-song transitions, 'The Darkness Intercepts' is designed to be experienced as a cohesive musical journey.

Recorded at The Sandwich Shoppe with Scotty Sandwich at the helm, and featuring collaborations with Noelle from Shehehe and Sam from Man or Astroman, the album is a testament to Totally Slow's collaborative spirit and DIY ethos. Mastered by Mike Westbrook, the album is a sonic tour de force that captures the band's raw energy and uncompromising attitude.

Totally Slow's live shows are renowned for their intensity and diversity, and the band's upcoming tour dates promise to be no exception. From Chapel Hill to Richmond to Washington DC, audiences can expect a blistering onslaught of punk energy that's as electrifying as it is unapologetic.

With 'The Darkness Intercepts', Totally Slow solidifies their status as one of North Carolina's most formidable punk acts. Drawing inspiration from the melodic anthems of '80s SoCal bands like The Adolescents and Agent Orange, the skewed rawk of '90s San Diego bands Drive Like Jehu, and the righteous conviction of classic DC hardcore, Totally Slow crafts a sound that's both timeless and urgent.

In a world teetering on the brink of chaos, 'The Darkness Intercepts' serves as a rallying cry for the disaffected and disillusioned. It's a reminder that, in times of uncertainty, music has the power to inspire, unite, and ignite change. And with 'The Darkness Intercepts', Totally Slow proves that they're more than ready to lead the charge.

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