“Curiosity” Newly Released Performance Video — echoes from the 1 year anniversary of Wolf Moon Live Album

NJ singer-songwriter, Tabitha Booth, presents fans with a live performance video of “Curiosity”

from her heartfelt live album, Wolf Moon Live. Tabitha and her colleagues embrace a cozy,

intimate room, The Cocoon, to perform their musical craftsmanship.

It is such a fine line between naivety and curiosity, is it not?


While the song, “Curiosity” has been plucked from Booth's award-winning music video produced

in an electronica sensibility, this not-so-forbidden apple traverses into the acoustic lands, gifting

the performers with a special know-how to the meaning of the lyrics.


“Let’s go find out,” is a cliche well-adapted to the discovery of what it means to enjoy the music

of Tabitha Booth and her musical contemporaries. Each musician writes their own parts. In this

case, we have a video highlight of “Curiosity” in an unplugged format presented by Tabitha

Booth on vocals; Raphael Ribot on harmony vocals; Tory Anne Daines on violin; Naomi Smith

on upright bass; and Edwin Lopez Villada on piano.


These musical creators have spent many years collaborating within the garden-state fabrics of

the NJ music scene. For the first time, they unify together within a nurturing vessel, under

engineering guidance of Corey Zack, owner of The Cocoon. A boutique recording studio nestled

in Jersey City Heights, allows Tabitha Booth and her music mates to embrace the live show

while also implementing a set design to enhance the overall experience, and edit a video trilogy

so that a takeaway from that special night can be shared in a unique way for the online



“Curiosity” is the second of the Wolf Moon Live video trilogy. Visually, the video is infused with

the official music video from 2020, which had been creatively edited by Ms. Booth during the

pandemic. This particular song is a fan favorite in its various manifestations and ripples like an

echo through the ears of curious listeners.


Lyrically, it represents the notion that sometimes, curiosity without guidance causes long-term

trauma that can take a lifetime to reconcile. While it might take a while, it is worth the inner

peace, in the end.

Take a look at this video.

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