Atomic Life Emerges as a Hardcore Supergroup with Debut Single "Hit Me First"

In the heart of New York's hardcore scene, Atomic Life emerges as a formidable force, comprised of luminaries whose roots run deep in the city's musical bedrock. The Long Island-based alternative rock outfit, boasting the unparalleled drumming prowess of Billy Rymer (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Ho9909, Thoughtcrimes), the incendiary guitar work of Cody Hosza (Glassjaw), and the pulsating basslines of Michael Sadis (NK, The Rivalry), welcomes the addition of Adea Frances, a versatile performance artist whose haunting vocals and poignant lyricism elevate the band's sonic landscape.

Their debut single, "Hit Me First," a sonic cyclone of fury and catharsis, marks their arrival on the indie rock scene with unapologetic force. A primal scream against the confines of convention, the track pulses with frantic energy, propelled by Francis's impassioned delivery and razor-sharp lyricism. Describing the song as a manifestation of "forbidden desires and sinister intentions," Francis leads the charge, her vocals intertwining seamlessly with the band's blistering instrumentation.

"Hit Me First" serves as a harbinger of Atomic Life's forthcoming onslaught, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the depths of their sonic arsenal. With each chord and beat, the band carves out a space uniquely their own, defying categorization and embracing the chaos of creative expression.

As anticipation mounts, Atomic Life prepares to take the stage for their inaugural performance alongside the Bang Gamblers in late March. Set against the backdrop of New York City's vibrant music scene, the event promises to be a celebration of sonic innovation and unbridled passion.

Join Atomic Life as they ignite the stage on Saturday, March 30th, at Heaven Can Wait for the Bang Gamblers' Pulverizer Album release show, featuring an electrifying lineup including Beat Radio and I Love You, I'm Sorry. Tickets are available now, offering fans a front-row seat to witness the birth of a new musical epoch.

In a landscape defined by conformity, Atomic Life dares to defy convention, forging a path illuminated by the raw intensity of their collective vision. With "Hit Me First," they beckon listeners into a realm where boundaries blur and sonic landscapes shift, inviting all who dare to join them on a journey into the unknown.

Experience the revolution firsthand and immerse yourself in the sonic tapestry of Atomic Life.

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