Tabitha Booth "In A Glade" Video Release from Wolf Moon Live Album

Nj-based singer-songwriter, Tabitha Booth, presents a new take on a cherished Ukrainian folk song, “In A Glade,” making its appearance on Wolf Moon. The live album was recorded at Cocoon Studios in Jersey City with audio engineer, Corey Zack. Sung in Ukrainian, it features members of her eclectic music ensemble of strings, harmony vocals and piano. 

Proposed by Edwin Lopez Villada, music partner and piano educator, “In A Glade” is a traditional song, performed in the 90’s by Ukrainian actress Milla Jovovich from the acclaimed sci-fi film, “The Fifth Element.” Advocating for human rights and dealing with loss and grief, the performance of this song dovetails as an acknowledgment of Ukrainian’s ongoing suffering under Russian occupation. 

Villada worked with colleagues Dmitry Belman & Olga Goksu on transcription. Booth received translation support from both Anoush Mardjanian, an ambassador of accredited Antinanco Earth Arts School and Raphael Ribot, who also contributed harmony vocals for the Wolf Moon project. Additional musical arrangements from award-winning violinist, Tory Anne Daines and bassist Naomi Smith, encapsulate the song. 

Reflecting the feelings of loss and internal trauma, “In A Glade” video depicts an attempt to communicate feelings through a letter, but to no avail. The process of dealing with a love lost, Tabitha Booth, attests to this in her own life, a catalyst of producing Wolf Moon. In her poignant musical presentation of “In A Glade,” 

Tabitha worked alongside Wolf Moon’s audio engineer, Corey Zack, inviting Naomi Smith and international singer and guitarist, Randy Vega, on editing three videos from the live performance of Wolf Moon. Tabitha Booth and her music team look forward to sharing the video, now available online, with two additional videos premiering in the near future, while recording her next LP at Cocoon Studios. 

Wolf Moon is recipient of 2023 Best Live Album from Elephant Talk Indie Music Awards in Atlantic City, NJ. Songs from Wolf Moon can be found on Mint400 Records and streaming online. 

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