Alpha Rabbit, the eclectic trio from Central Jersey, is poised to unleash their latest sonic adventure with the release of their new single, "Plant the Seed," slated for February 7, 2024. With an amalgamation of 80s funk vibes intertwined with the whimsy of a nursery rhyme performed under a circus tent, "Plant the Seed" offers a tantalizing glimpse into the band's forthcoming album. A cacophony of influences ranging from Talking Heads to Animal Collective reverberates through the track, daring listeners to embrace both catchiness and chaos while delving into realms of vulnerability.

Drawing inspiration from genres spanning 60s psychedelic to 90s alternative, Alpha Rabbit crafts a modernized spin on the concept album, delivering a poignant yet rocking collection of tracks that resonate with intimacy and introspection. Comprising Joseph Wolstenholme, Jaime Parker, and Jake Foy, Alpha Rabbit showcases their multi-instrumental prowess, a testament to their vibrant presence in the Central Jersey and Jersey Shore music scenes.

Incorporating an array of instruments including accordion, banjo, and vibraphone, Alpha Rabbit ventures into uncharted territories with "Plant the Seed," expanding their sonic palette and forging a path into weird and wonderful new territory. The single serves as a prelude to their latest full-length album, "Let it Grow," set to debut on Mint 400 Records come February 23, 2024.

"Let it Grow" marks Alpha Rabbit's sophomore LP under the banner of Mint 400 Records, seamlessly continuing the journey laid out by their previous record. Featuring lush arrangements, intricate harmonies, and an eclectic selection of instruments, the album delves deep into themes of love and conflict, embodying the spirit of overcoming obstacles with resilience and grace. 

As Alpha Rabbit gears up for the release of "Let it Grow" and embarks on a journey of musical discovery, the band remains steadfast in their commitment to artistic exploration and sonic experimentation. As the echoes of "Plant the Seed" reverberate through the airwaves, one thing remains abundantly clear: the enigmatic allure of Alpha Rabbit shows no signs of waning, promising a future brimming with sonic delight and auditory adventure.

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