Our inbox is over flowing again so we are letting you good people know exactly what is new and available out there in the music world.   Today we go on a musical journey that feels like it's drifting into a mellow vibe and then at the end we smack you in the face with post hardcore electro. Today is an eclectic one, but hear me out, these were what our writers picked out of hundreds of submissions so keep an open mind and enjoy. If you want to see your band on one of these lists, send us streaming music and as short bio.      

Band Name: Skateland

BMN Score: 10/10

What the band says: Drawing from a wide variety of musical influences, he combines melancholy lyricism and new wave instrumentation with pop production techniques to create a sound that is equal parts past, present, and future. With Skateland, he often writes about autobiographical experiences, confiding, "I take emotions or feelings that I've gathered from certain experiences and package them into a format that's accessible to anyone who listens. I think that's why I love writing and recording music in non-traditional places as opposed to a fancy studio, writing a guitar part on my porch, jotting down song lyrics at a bar or cafe, tracking vocals in my bedroom etc., it feels like returning to the scene of that major life event and there's an emotional power in that!" 

What we say they sound like: This band has their brand sorted out and this feels like the early release of one of those bands that is going to blow up and be huge. The imagery for the video is so great that it makes you give real focus to the song even if it's not typically what you'd listen to. It's electro indie pop that has a dreampop vibe minus the guitar. It's light and ethereal, this really feels ultra modern and fresh. It's schizophrenic in feel at times and matches the ADHD nature of the modern listener. 

Song to add to your playlist: Autobahn!

Band Name: Hollis

BMN Score: 8.5/10

What the band says: I started my music journey at age 9, earning recognition in the NYC Broadway theater scene as a young child. I moved to LA as a teenager to pursue my acting and songwriting aspirations, and released three original albums by the age of 15. Despite facing recent challenges, including a diagnosis of four rare autoimmune disorders at age 18, and the COVID lockdown at age 21, I have continued to develop my sound and writing style. Now, at age 25, my music is a blend of big melodic sounds and soul-baring lyrics, drawing inspiration from pop artists like Lizzy McAlpine and Gracie Abrams.

What we say they sound like: This has an interesting vibe somewhere between modern indie rock like Boygenius and contemporary indie pop and a vocal in the vein of 90's Lilith Fair pop. It's catchy, it has roots in 80's pop, almost like an updated Katrina and The Waves. The repeating simple chorus is enough to hook anyone in. I feel like there is more to be cultivated here but I like the foundation that this artist has. There are enough good things like songwriting, style and hooks to make us look forward to whats next. 

Song to add to your playlist: Undertow


Band Name: Joshua Crumbly

BMN Score: 9.9/10

What the band says: On the track Joshua Crumbly says, ““I was thinking of the stages of life and the experiences within it, even the stages of a day itself,” he recalls. “Most beginnings tend to be so youthful and innocent, but we can become so easily weighed down by the journey. I’ve come to realize that each and every stage is a beautiful one in its own way, but I find that getting back to a youthful outlook, taking steps to get back to the beginning, may be the way to enjoy things the most.”Featuring members of Little Dragon (Erik Bodin and Håkan Wirenstrand), the slow, dawning beauty of “Morning” blooms like the first light of a sunrise to open the EP. “This song is like an exhalation,” Crumbly describes. “It’s a chance to release all the negativity from within and find the light.”

What we say they sound like: This may sound like music BMN typically wouldn't cover but this artist is very interesting for a few reasons. This has elements of Stereolab, The Orb, and other instrumental and ambient artists but it feels like where music is going. It's layered and percolating in a way that intertwines a wide variety of modern genres from jazz, electropop, and hip hop with something else that is completely futuristic. Like if you told me a time traveler brought this back from 2050 and this is what all music sounds like now, I'd believe you. What i thought was incredibly funny was on youtube a lone comment of “Give me my time back”, this is how you know something is ahead of it's time, the dummies take time to comment on something they can't even begin comprehending. I listen and hear elements of things like Brubeck to Motown to Trip Hop to ambient dance. This feels like the future to me. 

Song to add to your playlist: Morning

Band Name: LC Flowers

BMN Score: 9.8/10

What the band says: LC Flowers draws inspiration from a diverse range of music, including sunshine pop of the '60s, UK Bass, breakcore, jazz, and ambient. His live performances involve a minimalist approach with a five-track looper, allowing him to isolate instruments live and add effects on the fly.

What we say they sound like: LC Flowers new album has a mix of everything from Beck's ‘Mutations’ LP to The Shins and classic Bossa Nova. At moments I hear bits of Radiohead and modern jazz but thrown in a blender with 60's Astrud Gilberto and more. This really is an amalgamation of so many things I love that it's criminal this artist isn't more well known. It feel classic and as contemporary as possible all at once. It's urgent and modern but also nostalgic with background folk textures. It's lounge at moments also. This really is a song where every 10 seconds I hear another influence that is flawlessly woven into this eclectic and rich musical tapestry. 

Song to add to your playlist: The Views Of The Years And You

Band Name: Hammok

BMN Score: 8.9/10

What the band says: "Seance" shows the band's most direct side yet. The song barely rounds out two and a half minutes and at that time gives you a masterclass in hardcore chorus flair. The soundscape is controlled by a constantly forward-propelling drum machine and a metallic synth bass where vocalist Tobias Osland is given plenty of room to dominate the listener's eardrum.

What we say they sound like: This is like Death Grips meets post hardcore. I'm here for it. This is indie electro meets post punk and hardcore and the warm distorted vocals float on top of pulsing drums, guitar and synth to make something energetic and raucous. In a way this has moments of Refused but more garage rock and a more melodic vocal. I'm a goth at heart so I dig the Seance reference as communication with the dead makes for a cool song subject and the more metaphorical reference can imply many things. This is fun and punchy, I'm adding it to my playlist. 

Song to add to your playlist: Seance

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