Beginning with the release of their sophomore full-length, Suburban Mayhem, back in April, E.R.I.E. had an action-packed 2023. The indie rock quartet released three proper music videos, performed a few dozen shows across the northeast, celebrated nearly 100,000 streams on Spotify and even garnered a Thomas Edison Music Award nomination in their native Albany, NY.

 “It was a highlight year for all of us,” guitarist Matt Delgado notes. “To put out a full-length record that we poured so much into, and for it to receive the reception it did... there's just no better feeling." 

 To cap off the year, and turn the proverbial leaf over, E.R.I.E. has one last nugget of 2023 for us to enjoy - a music video for the introspective and overtly nostalgic “Don't Wait for the Sun,” the third track from Suburban Mayhem.

 “’Don’t Wait for the Sun’ is a song about being young, carefree, and chasing your dreams,” vocalist/guitarist TJ Foster says. “This past year, more than any other year in recent memory, we spent a lot of time acting half our age, playing shows in new places and making so many friends along the way. We wanted to share, in video form, a little scrapbook of the year that was, if for no other reason than our own posterity!”

 The video does just that. Constructed from tour footage of their exploits over the past year, the band shows us that perhaps it is okay to be young at heart, even while acknowledging one’s age. ‘I still identify as a skate rat, good-for-nothin’ / But I’m like twice their age, so who the hell do I think I’m foolin’?’ Foster sings over a rhythmic backbone before exploding into an anthemic, hopeful chorus.

 January will see E.R.I.E. slowing down for the winter to begin writing a new record (and avoiding the cold). In the meantime, Suburban Mayhem can be found on your streaming platform of choice, or purchased directly on the group’s Bandcamp page.

 To keep up with E.R.I.E. visit their website at abandcallederie.com and most social profiles @abandcallederie. 


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