n the vast landscape of indie music, Tom Maroon emerges from Pittsburgh, PA, with a sunny anthem paying homage to the Midwest. "Minnesota," the lead single from Maroon's latest album, "Lowflyers," takes us on a journey through youthful idealism, wanderlust, and a touch of 70s glam rock.

Maroon, a seasoned indie singer-songwriter and producer, draws inspiration from the likes of Johnny Marr, Mac DeMarco, and King Krule. Yet, "Minnesota" shows his ability to meld various influences into a uniquely cinematic and lyric-focused style.

The song unfolds as an exploration of Maroon's own character, a departure from his usual practice of weaving intricate personas into his lyrics. The narrative revolves around the excitement of losing oneself in a new state, Minnesota, a place that had become a paradise in Maroon's imagination, thanks to his hockey fandom.

The twist lies in the fact that Maroon wrote the song years before its release, and with time, it evolved into a reflection on the narrator's lack of plan for the future. The only goals? To be alone and stay young forever. It's an ode to adolescent optimism, a fuzzy memory, or an escapist daydream.

The music video for "Minnesota" takes this lack of foresight to absurd heights. Imagine an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, but with Maroon attempting to construct a cozy bedroom in the middle of a snowy, windy field. The furniture may collapse, but hey, trees make pretty good coatracks, right?

Maroon's vision for the video mirrors the dream-like quality of the song. Scenes with a burnt orange backdrop evoke 70s TV tropes, reminiscent of cheesy old sitcom title cards. The surreal nostalgia is heightened by a scene where falling leaves disappear upon hitting the ground, adding an extra layer to the whimsy.

Tom Maroon's artistic evolution is evident in "Lowflyers," his third album and first under Mint 400 Records. "Minnesota," with its propulsive rock instrumentation and carefree pop-rock vibes, is a standout single that encapsulates Maroon's ability to blend genres seamlessly. As Maroon continues to carve his path in the indie scene, "Minnesota" stands as a testament to his musical prowess and storytelling ability. It's a journey through nostalgia and absurdity, inviting listeners to get lost in the whimsical world of Tom Maroon.