A Night of Ghostly Conductors and Song-craft With NJ Songwriters Renee Maskin And Sonofdov

A welcoming night of ghostly conductors and alt-folk songcraft warmed the cold November air. Built in 1887, the Glen Ridge Station may be the least likely place to house such an event, but the one time waiting room, with high ceilings and Queen-Anne style windows has been converted to a beautiful performance space, perfect for a night of intimate singer-songwriters.

Opening the night with his hushed timber, northwestern New Jersey singer-songwriter SONOFDOV(Dennis King) captivated the audience with late night tales and supernatural encounters. A style both sparse and introspective, King set a warm tone to the crisp fall night. In return, the appreciative audience and sound washed over the ornate rafters to begin an unforgettable evening ride through Americana streets and dusty adventures.  SONOFDOV releases music via Mint 400 Records https://www.instagram.com/sonofdov/ 

After a quick intermission, the waiting passengers sat quietly for their train to roll in when a dark figure stepped into view. With trademark hat and churning guitar, the ghostly conductor set the gears in motion. Asbury Park's prolific singer-songwriter, Renee Maskin, has a presence and command of her craft. Silhouetted by a lone beam of light, Maskin bewitched the audience with her distinctive vocal delivery and dusty alt-country songs. She took us to far away places like east coast beach towns, wild running horses and California skies. In addition, Maskin played a handful of new songs from her soon to be released 2nd full length record, Shimmer, available  November 18th on Mint 400 Records.   https://www.instagram.com/reneemaskin/ 

The Glen Ridge singer-songwriter series has been running events in conjunction with the Glen Ridge Recreation Dept for a handful of years. Get out and take in a show as this is one of the best kept secrets in the northeast singer-songwriter circuit.

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