The Thunder Corpses, emerged on the music scene in 2023, hailing from Knjaževac, Serbia.
The Thunder Corpses' music intertwines the alluring essence of 1960s music with elements of garage rock, surf rock, and punk, embracing a rich tapestry of diverse musical influences. Comprising guitarist and frontman Vuk Jovanović, bassist Alexandar Ljubic, and drummer Zarko Mihajlovic, The Thunder Corpses recently released their debut album, titled "Somewhere Over the Black Bay," which offers listeners an exciting and distinctive auditory experience. With high-energy live performances on the horizon, the band is poised to take their unique sound to a wider audience.

How did the band form, and what does the band name mean?

The Thunder Corpses: We came together in Knjaževac, Serbia, in 2022, as if emerging from the very elements of our namesake. The band name, "The Thunder Corpses," draws its inspiration from the myth of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, ecstasy, and artistic expression. In the myth, Dionysus was born from the ashes of his mother, Semele, after she was consumed by the divine thunder and lightning. 

Any previous musical projects or experiences that led you to form the band?

The Thunder Corpses: Before finding our current lineup, we did explore different musical projects individually. These experiences provided a foundation, but it wasn't until we came together that we felt the chemistry and shared vision that define The Thunder Corpses.

Can you share the story of the first concert each of you attended? 

The Thunder Corpses: The first local major concert we attended was a national act Elektricni Orgazam. 
For our drummer, Žarko Mihajlović, the first major concert was by The Killers. Our guitarist and singer, Vuk Jovanović, attended a Mark Knopfler concert, and for our bassist, Aleksandar Ljubić this was the band Mando Diao.
These early live music experiences left a lasting impact on us and played a significant role in shaping our love for performing.

What's your writing process like?

The Thunder Corpses: Our writing process is quite collaborative, but it's Vuk Jovanović, our guitarist and frontman, who often takes the lead in crafting the songs. He usually initiates the creative process, coming up with initial ideas and melodies. Then, together, we work on fine-tuning and evolving the songs to create that unique sound that defines The Thunder Corpses.

Can you tell us about the artists and songs that inspire your music?

The Thunder Corpses: We draw inspiration from a diverse range of artists and songs, which contribute to the multifaceted nature of our music. On our Spotify playlist, you'll find tracks from artists like Shadows, Ariel Pink, Deep Freeze Mice,  Wizzard, B52s, Love, The Strokes, Joy Division, Alain Souchon, Scot Walker. Each of these artists has contributed to our unique blend of surf-rock, garage-rock, and punk, and that's what sets us apart.

What's the live experience like, and what's your philosophy on playing live? Do you believe the live performance should be identical to the recorded version or should it be its own unique experience?

The Thunder Corpses: Our live shows are high-energy, electrifying experiences. We aim to create an atmosphere that's not just an exact replication of our recorded tracks. While we love our recordings, live performances are a chance for us to offer a different perspective on our music. It's like taking our audience on a unique journey through our songs, and we believe live performances should be their own thing, distinct from the recorded versions.

Has the band toured? What has the touring experience been like so far, and can you share some memorable moments from the best and worst shows?

The Thunder Corpses: We're actually just getting started with touring. Our first tour is scheduled to kick off in December 2023, and we're incredibly excited about it. While we don't have specific touring experiences to share just yet, we're looking forward to creating memorable moments on the road and connecting with new audiences.

What's up next for The Thunder Corpses?

The Thunder Corpses: Our immediate plan is to start our tour in December 2023. We're really eager to hit the road, play our music in different locations, and share our live performances with fans. Beyond that, we'll continue to promote our debut album, "Somewhere Over the Black Bay," and explore new opportunities to take our music to new heights. The journey is just beginning, and we're excited to see where it takes us.


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