In late 2017, John Goraj left the Los Angeles hustle for Tucson’s contemplative desert beauty. Seeking an artistic revival, it wasn’t long before the ex-folk troubadour joined forces with local musicians Johny Vargas (guitar) and David Foley (drums), as well as then bassist Derek Cerretani, to form Soda Sun.  
"The Ghost Plant at Blood Run", Soda Sun's latest digital single, is a spectral ballad, deftly painting the Southwestern landscape in a palette of sonic hues. The song’s namesake is a stunning, all white plant that derives its energy solely from fungi in the soil, not from the sun. Lead singer and songwriter, John Goraj saw the plant with his son in a boggy forest along the Sioux River in South Dakota where he grew up. Goraj couldn’t help writing about the strange fungi-dependent plant and the stark contrast to the desert where he lives now. The song then becomes a reflection of both places: a dark, wet, spongy forest and a sun-soaked desert.  

Blending introspective lyricism with a resonant sense of homecoming, the song reaches into the desert's heart, unearthing gold from its dust. The journey from sunrise screams to twilight whispers is a testament to Soda Sun's evocative storytelling and the intimate sense of family throughout their work. “The Ghost Plant at Blood Run" is a poetic dance with nature and the kaleidoscopic colors of the desert.
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Hailing from Tucson, Arizona, Soda Sun quickly made their mark in the 2020s with a unique combination of atmospheric melodies. Stay Here (Fort Lowell Records), their 2021 debut album which was mixed by Larry Crane (Sleater-Kinney, She & Him, Elliott Smith), earned critical acclaim. Soda Sun's organic instrumentation and authentic narrative have cultivated a dedicated fanbase, both locally and internationally.  

Today, Blood Makes Noise is excited to share with you the official World Premiere of Soda Sun's brand new digital single, "The Ghost Plant at Blood Run".  Fans of other artists such as Bonnie Prince Billy, Cotton Jones, Damien Jurado, Lambchop, Phosphorescent, and Songs: Ohio will enjoy Soda Sun's music. Click the link below to listen to "The Ghost Plant at Blood Run" by Soda Sun now.


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