COMING SOON: SUNDAY COMIX (HOSTED BY MINT 400 BOOKS, A Division of Mint 400 Records)

Mint 400 Records is a record label that has over the years enjoyed coverage from Recently award winning comic book artist S.M. Vidaurri came up with a concept to revive a subdivision of Mint 400 Records called Mint 400 Books. Originally Mint 400 Books was for audio books and was gearing up for publishing of other materials. This was put on hold due to Covid and other issues.  Mint 400 Books now is being revived as a Sunday Comix series that exists to support unique creative voices. The label hosts many fine musicians who also have talents that lay in the visual arts. Two of those artists will kick off this weekly series, S.M. Vidaurri (The Ashes/IRON: OR, the War After) is publishing the sci-fi tinged SPORE along with Neil Sabatino's (  upending of the superhero myth, THE BLACK HAT. They intend to bring the same passions and dedication they have for music to comics. These 2 series will begin in September, updated every Sunday, it will be a destination for great artwork you won't want to miss! In the future this space will also feature other artists from the Mint 400 Records roster. This as well can serve as a space for guest artists. If you'd like to see your work published here please send an email to

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