BMN SPOTLIGHT: Brooklyn’s Matt C. White unveils latest single “Punishers Part II: Hogwash” ahead of May 2nd album release

An ever-present figure in the Brooklyn music scene and nationwide doom rock communities, prolific musician Matt C. White has become known for his dark, original lyrics set to the fuzziest stoner-rock riffs imaginable. So far, the releases we’ve heard from his new album, Punishers, due out May 2nd, are no exception – taking fans on yet another vivid journey into his creative world, set to a monstrously heavy soundtrack.

White released the first Punishers single, "Punishers Part I: Gag," in March as an introduction to the album’s unique concept. The record was inspired by self-centered drunk people who trap unsuspecting bargoers into lengthy conversations about themselves – aptly nicknamed "punishers.”

"Gag," hones in on the idea that a punisher's "gag" is to offer their victim a final, half-hearted chance to escape their surely exhausting fate by saying "sorry to unload, but..." before their drunken ramblings begin. White plays with words in the chorus, suggesting maybe the punisher should pull their "gag just a little bit tighter" and think twice before unloading.

The saga of the punisher continues with today’s release, "Punishers Part II: Hogwash," which hones in on the utter nonsense, or “hogwash” punishers drunkenly spew at their captive audience. Musically, White draws upon a range of rock and grunge influences from legendary acts including ZZ Top, The Misfits, and Everclear; while staying faithful to the signature fuzzy sound he’s established throughout his career. 

In a near-textbook example of tone painting, White’s jaunty lead guitar line is equal parts playful and aggressive, representing the comically frustrating nature of the drunken buffoon on which the song is centered. The song is driven home, however, by White’s searing vocals that deliver a daunting message.

“With Hogwash, I wanted to write a really catchy song with a nice hook that was violent as shit, like a misfits song or something,” says White, of the track. 

Judging by the lyrics, we think he succeeded: 
"I'm gonna skin you, and wash the blood away. You're squealing while you're dying, but there is no other way."

Album Cover: Christian Gordy

Check out "Punishers Part II: Hogwash” below and gear up for the Punishers album release, available on all streaming platforms May 2nd, 2023. 

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