BMN SPOTLIGHT: INFINITIKISS (Fort Lowell Records) By Nic Jenkins 

infinitkiss is an ever-evolving musical and visual recording project conceptualized by Nic Jenkins, and ambient music is his latest full length album, as well as first release with Fort Lowell Records. The core material for ambient music came from live improvisations that were recorded to cassette tapes, which originally served as backing tracks for live solo performances. It was an interest in sound healing, vibrational therapy, and chakras / energy systems that helped Jenkins realize this album. The song titles reflect the moods & colors (aka spectral wave) of the blending and bending of colors in a rainbow (ROYGBIV), as well as to the energy fields of our bodies; corresponding to the “roygbiv” sequence and play with imagery of said colors. Considering the nature of tape (magnetic film), Jenkins seized the opportunity to explore a range of microtonal frequencies which ultimately helped him to decide to tune down or up to 432, 440, and 444 an attempt to explore, to enjoy, and to hopefully gain an expanded awareness of shifting frequencies. infinitikiss is available to buy on translucent chartreuse green vinyl here [], or you can stream the complete album on any digital music platform here []. The following is a somewhat free-association writing exercise provided by Nic Jenkins of infinitikiss, prompted by the imagery of the titles of the pieces, not so much a transcription of instruments or composition and production techniques utilized in the album:  

Track 1 | Key: A major | Frequency: 432 hz | Title: "drinking cherry hibiscus tea at a stop light at sunset" As you start your day, do you ever find it helpful to consider that a version of you is also going to sleep, another version of you is being born, and another of you is also dying? I’m interested in how we as humans make discoveries as tiny bits of an entire, whole, living, breathing, evolving thing. How can we give less energy to things that keep us from feeling incomplete, separate and/or in states-of-lack mindsets? How can we give more energy to remembering that right now we’re actually on a giant rock floating through endless time & infinite space?  

Track 2 | Key: B minor | Frequency: 432 hz | Title: "the smell of burnt turmeric" Isn’t it kind of comical that whatever practices we rely on for manifestation of what we define as “happiness” or “normalcy” can also become points of liberation? Through the whole scope of this music becoming an album, I was learning to let those practices just BE and not try to turn them into something MORE than what they are fundamentally. For example: physical intimacy can be this way, as it is a mix between searching blindly and also trusting in the soul’s ability to navigate purely based on energetic intensity (aka passion collaboration) and intuition. It can feel weightless, and certain kinds of weightlessness can be terrifying. Sometimes it gives more grounding to our sense of being.  

Track 3 | Key: B minor | Frequency: 432 hz | Title: "floating through holographic desert waves" I don’t usually remember many of my dreams. However, in dreams it seems that the roles we play are much less concrete that those we embody from day to day. In a way they are all so much more poetic in narrative and symbolism. Aren’t those symbols and narratives just as real? How does it contribute to our overall sense of being? What voices are telling us that we’re not enough? Explore those thoughts. If we die in dreams, do we not feel more grateful to be on this side of the living experience and waking life? How much of our private worlds are dictated by external inputs? If time and temperature are important factors in the culinary realms / sciences (and in nature), how much of our physical experience is influenced in this way? After all, our bodies are mostly made of water.

Track 4 | Key: C major | Frequency: 432 hz | Title: "and a wish for chamomile pillows after a lemon bath" Look up! Nice job. You’re doing great. This music doesn’t really demand very much, does it? It doesn’t really try to dominate anyone’s attention spans. It simply exists best as a full spectrum sonic hug, like a box full of letters from your dearest friends and family. It’s there. It can serve as a compliment to whatever beautifully real things are happening in your world at any given moment. Thanks for the time you have given to be curious and to enjoy any dimension of this music. Thank yourself! A cup of tea can provide numerous healing bene_frequencies, just as herbs are always around to reward you if you know how to identify them, I suppose? They can encourage a deeper awareness of what is; a more expansive awareness of now. The newness wants you, too.  

Track 5 | Key: D major, part 1 | Frequency: 432 hz | Title: "in the same vibration that pothos green grows" I have had such a complicated relationship with pothos plants, actually. Is it me? What do I need to learn to keep these green babies alive? Do you have a similar conundrum? Do I care too much or not enough? Is there enough light; enough water? Am I holding enough light / space / time as I can today? For myself? For others? Which version of me is most like the pothos plants in my life? How slow. So real. Very vibrational.  

Track 6 | Key: D major, part 2 | Frequency: 440 hz | Title: "or the minty jade of ginkos" Have you ever… let your face be gently and quietly caressed by the fresh flaky leaves of a gingko tree? Maybe you have one in your neighborhood or yard –– maybe a neighbor’s yard? It feels like one thousand tiny hugs and kisses on your cheeks. Thanks, Gaia. Ginkgo tree trunks are also very satisfying to hug, should you find yourself surrounded by them and in need of an embrace. Better yet, just go hug a tree –– any tree. It is a gift you can give yourself at any time you want.  

Track 7 | Key: D major, part 3 | Frequency: 444 hz | Title: "while matcha clouds are raining" Have you ever… tried googling: “What is the harmonic frequency (or vibrational frequency) of ________ “ ? [ Fill in the blank with your deepest inquiries. ] For example, I like to search various ingredients of foods. I’m curious how my body converts the energy of things like caffeine. Is it fuel? Is it food? What does it do? Recently, I’ve noticed that teas are more gentle to my body & mind. To each their own. 

Track 8 | Key: Eb minor | Frequency: 444 hz | Title: "tears of happy mermaids" In another life, I am most likely that which dwells among the deep, dark creatures of the sea. The idea of mer-beings fascinates me because the Earth is mostly water, and it seems like a totally peaceful way to exist (unless you’re always almost someone else’s meal). It also seems quite frightening. I have had a handful of dream vignettes of myself and former lovers as half-human, half-fishlike beings… just treading water, and other times venturing into deep, dark unknown mysteries. Have you ever… been there?  

Track 9 | Key: F major | Frequency: 444 hz | Title: "in the same shade of what blue jeans are made" Hands plus water plus dye. Is indigo more purple or blue or neither? Either way, don’t forget to breathe (on purpose). What a magical thing air is.  |  

Track 10 | Key: G major | Frequency: 444 hz | Title: "from a lavender halo we are projecting ourselves" How many different ways can one enjoy lavender? For valuable insight & feedback, consult an herbalist friend.

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