Beasts of Least Concern - A record to get lost in while sipping red wine or bourbon

A Beast of Least Concern 

A record to get lost in while sipping red wine or bourbon.  

Beasts of Least Concern comes on during my living room DJ set between Sex Gang Children and Siousxe. Beasts serve up a reflective interlude between the dancier darkness. These songs are thoughtful, sharing a gloom, a somber intermission. Smokey vocals and reverb soaked guitars give enough space to really explore the lyrics of the songs. The lack of larger instrumentation is not a detriment, it serves to create a meditative atmosphere. The chorus in “Agony and Animals” is wonderful. And when those crazy robot noises come in, they make the people around me check their Nokias. Fools.  

I’ve drunk so much shitty bourbon I can barely stand and this guy is offering me some weed and I can’t do it because I know I’ll throw up for hours and never get laid that way. I’m so charming when I am destroyed and this music reminds me of that. Corey Gorey knows, maaaaaaan. He KNOWS. These are 4 AM songs; a lounge bar full of old souls sharing stories of nights past in their drinks. You need to hear them, especially then.  

This guy knows how to party seriously. I can see the piled up bricks of the destroyed city around me, swarming with bats. These are songs for dying brides on their doomed wedding nights. Some 60s doo-wop in there which is always welcome to this sad sap of a heart. 

This is one of those releases that is best served with headphones, or buds, or whatever the hell these people call them now. He has panned guitars to add to the cavey ambience. And he’s got those trills in his voice! Nice!  

I love the creepy jazz noir vibe of “Wouldn’t Want it Falling Into the Wrong Hands.” Haunted. I’d be very curious to hear how these songs would sound with a full band behind them. The balance of the guitars and vocals is deep and mysterious (as my 8 year old daughter states, “that kinda shakes me up”). 

The CD comes with a full-length book which is a perfect accoutrement for this release, and allows you to delve further into Corey’s mind. Call out of work and pull the shades down. Start your self-pity early and sip seriously from your failed mixed drink. Beasts of Least Concern got your back.

Purchase here: "A Beast of Least Concern" Book & CD set

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- GregJaw