Ex-Hyena release new dark electronic post-rock singles from their upcoming album "Artificial Pulse"

For those who want the short and skinny: 'Instant Fires' feels like a great opening track for the audiobook version of Neuromancer. Go ahead and try it. Case explaining he'll pay his debts off, just sounds so good with a juicy track, like this. Sort of like a hegalian dialectic A.I., that lost it's focus, got bored, and quickly changed it's directive to destroy, Reuben Bettsak and Bo Baringer's EX-HYENA dystopic dance track 'Instant Fires', delves deep into the chaos that has become modern life. Dark, poetic, hedgemonic-narcipop has arrived on the scene to score the apocalyptic vibes of today. Hypnotic, mysterious techno thriller music for people who laugh at the absurdity of our new, luddite life this agorophorock-with-synths-throwback-to-industrial-pop timelines that learned what it needed from the past, packed it up, and was violently expelled back and out of the mouth of the universe.

It doesn't care what you think. It has a mission. I don't want to over romantacize this track, as it's romantic in a sense, but it's romantic in the way that Hajime Sorayama's robot girls looked like they'd really affectionately love you. Cool. Seductive. Dangerous. If these are things that interest you, or if you have a pulse, be sure to check it out! Their debut album, 'Artificial Pulse', comes out early 2021. I'll be there, assuming society is still a thing...


- Tanya Dawn, BMN Contributor
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